The Process

Our seamless underwriting and confidentiality are core differentiators. We designed our commission purchase process to minimize cumbersome data entry and document submission. This is not a loan! We purchase your commission now.

Sale / Lease

Fully executed purchase or lease agreement

Easy Application

Agent submits personal and transaction details safely and confidentially

RLTY Underwrites Transaction

RLTY's algorithm underwrites the transaction based on agent and transaction profile

RLTY Purchases Commission

RLTY transfers funds to Agent

Transaction closes

RLTY receives its portion of the commission upon closing of the transaction

Sample Deal

RLTY purchases commissions from residential and commercial transactions. Below is a sample transaction with a real estate agent on a residential sale.

Step 1

Agent has a transaction in contract. Closing in 45 days

Step 2

Agent sells $10,000 of commission to RLTY for $9,500

Step 3

Funds are immediately wired to Agent

Step 4

At closing, Agent receives commission and then pays RLTY its portion ($10,000)