Fill out a 30 second application on the homepage. Follow the prompts and provide information about yourself and the transaction. We will email you two conditional offers to choose from. Pick one and let us know via email. Please upload the required government issued ID (front and back) and the real estate contract to your agent profile.

We built a simple and seamless application process. All you need to do is to follow the prompts on the application and subsequent email from us.

No. This is commission funding.

Commission funding is a financial service whereby we purchase a portion of an agent’s pending real estate commission for residential and/or commercial property/properties. This includes both sales and rental commissions. This is not a loan.

No. Our underwriting focuses on the transaction itself and does not affect your credit score or credit history.

On average, our clients have the funds in their accounts by the next day.

In most cases, we will purchase up to 80% of your portion of the commission. However, if it is an OP rental, it is a possible for us to purchase 100%.

Yes. The application process is 100% confidential.  No brokerage or manager approval or awareness.

This is an agreement between you (the Agent) and RLTY (the Company). RLTY is purchasing a portion of your commission. You receive funding from RLTY upon signing. When the property closes and the real estate commissions are received by your brokerage, RLTY gets paid by you via wire transfer or Zelle (depending on the amount).

No. RLTY never charges any additional or hidden fees. We keep it simple and transparent.

The cost is determined by 4 key factors: the amount you request, the risk associated with the transaction, the time until closing, and your transaction history. For example, if you request $5,275, we could purchase $5,000 of your pending commission on a closing occurring in 30 days. In that case, the cost would be approximately $275.

Absolutely. This is considered a business expense that you may write off on your taxes.

Upon closing of the transaction, you will send RLTY the purchased commission via wire transfer.

We understand closings get delayed. We automatically include a 14-day grace period beyond the projected closing date at no additional cost to you.

No, RLTY will not ever contact the underlying buyer or seller.

We understand that situations happen out of your control.  In the unlikely event that your real estate transaction falls through, you can replace it using another pending or future earned commission(s).

Any time after the contract for the underlying real estate transaction is signed.  So anytime from the transaction going ‘in contract’ up until the day of the closing.

Yes.  We always try to work with our clients and consider all transactions

Yes, we do bundle multiple transactions into a purchase, or do multiple purchases.  Please note this is dependent on a number of factors.

No, your broker is not involved in this transaction.  We do not require your broker to sign off.