Need an LLC?

One of the most crucial steps in running a successful real estate business is establishing a registered business entity, such as a limited liability company (LLC). At RLTY Legal, we help fill the knowledge gap when it comes to business structure, cash flow, and how to best proceed in a shifting market.

Here are some of the benefits of setting up an LLC for your real estate business:

  • Legal Protection: An LLC provides personal asset protection, separating your business liabilities from your personal assets.
  • Tax Flexibility: LLCs allow for tax flexibility, where you can choose to be taxed as a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation, depending on what is most advantageous for your business.
  • Commingling of Business and Personal Money: LLCs allow for the commingling of business and personal money, making it easier to manage your finances and cash flow.
  • Professional Credibility: Having a registered business entity adds professional credibility to your business, which can be especially important in the real estate world.
  • Business Simplicity: LLCs have simple operating requirements and don’t require a board of directors or shareholders meetings, making it easier to manage your business.

At RLTY Legal, our innovative services are designed to benefit real estate agents in all facets of running a real estate business. We help agents feel more in control and positioned to unlock significant savings by incorporating fundamental business development strategies typically reserved for more established entrepreneurs.

Contact us today to learn more about how RLTY Legal can simplify the management of your real estate business and help you establish a registered business entity like an LLC.


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