Deal Count vs GCI

One common question in real estate is, “What’s more important – the number of deals closed or the Gross Commission Income (GCI)?” As with many things in our field, the answer isn’t straightforward. Both deal count and GCI offer unique insights into your business’ performance and can impact your growth in different ways.

Deal Count

A high deal count can often mean a broader client base and more experience under your belt. It can boost your reputation, help you refine your skills, and can sometimes lead to more referrals. It’s a great metric to follow for new real estate pros just starting out. However, focusing solely on deal count without considering the quality or profitability of the deals can lead to burnout and a lower-than-desired GCI.

Gross Commission Income (GCI)

Your GCI represents the total amount of commission money you’re earning before any deductions. A high GCI often reflects higher-value deals or superior negotiating skills. Focusing on GCI can drive you towards premium properties and potentially higher profits. But remember, higher GCI doesn’t always mean higher net income, especially if your costs of doing business are also high.

Striking the Balance

The key is to find a balance. Prioritize deal count to build experience, reputation, and a broad client base. But also aim for a healthy GCI to ensure that your business is profitable and sustainable.

One effective way to strike this balance is by effectively reinvesting in your business whenever possible. This is where RLTY Capital comes in. Our services allow you to get your commission sooner — sometimes as soon as the same day — not months after closing a deal.

With this, you can cover your costs, pursue profitable opportunities, and drive both your deal count and GCI.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you strike this crucial balance?

Here’s to finding the right balance for success!


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