5 Summer Mistakes

With summer right around the corner, the real estate market is starting to heat up. While it’s an exciting time to close more deals, it’s also easy to fall into some common traps. Here at RLTY Capital, we want to help you avoid these pitfalls. 

Let’s dive into the top 5 mistakes realtors often make during the summer season:

  1. Failing to Keep an Eye on the Calendar: Clients tend to have packed schedules during the summer, juggling kids’ activities, vacations and school residency deadlines. Don’t let the long days fool you, and plan ahead to keep things running smoothly.
  2. Ignoring Seasonal Marketing: Failing to adjust your marketing strategy for the summer can be a big mistake. Take advantage of the weather and highlight features like outdoor spaces and natural light on the properties you show.
  3. Neglecting Follow-ups: Summer can be a busy time, but don’t let potential leads slip through the cracks. Make sure to follow up with all prospects.
  4. Not Staying Hydrated: Yes, this one might seem strange, but keeping your energy levels high during hot summer days is crucial. Stay hydrated and healthy to keep up with the pace.
  5. Failing to Reinvest in the Business: As deals close and commissions roll in, it’s essential to remember to reinvest in your business for continued growth.

That last point is where RLTY Capital can truly help. Our services allow you to access your commissions sooner, providing the funds you need to reinvest in your business promptly — often within the same day. No more waiting for months. With RLTY Capital, you can manage your cash flow better and ensure your business continues to thrive.

Ready to make the most of your summer season? Find out more about how RLTY Capital can help you avoid these common mistakes and set your business up for success.


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