4 Tips to Save Money in a Tight Economy

We are entering a “Housing Recession,” according to National Association of REALTORS® Chief Economist Lawrence Yun. House hunters are staying home, listings are sitting vacant and sales are getting harder to close.

What can you do to ease the strain of this tight economy?

1. Store cash in specialized accounts – Ryan Serhant, CEO of Serhant and partner in RLTY Capital, follows the old rule of thumb is to save one-third of each paycheck for taxes, one-third for living expenses and the rest can go to savings. Pooling this money in dedicated accounts ensures it’ll be there when you need it.

2. Beef up your reserves – There’s no telling how long this housing recession is going to last. Experts recommend saving enough cash to cover six months of expenses in a high-interest savings or stable value-type account.

3. Supplement your income with side hustles – If needed, real estate skills can easily translate into roles like notary, home stager, appraiser or property manager. This can help bolster your income when the market is particularly lean.

4. Get your commissions sooner – Rather than waiting 45-60 days to get your commission, why not get it before closing? RLTY Capital allows real estate pros to receive their commissions immediately, so they can reinvest it in their business, pay their bills and put it into savings.

With a seamless application process, no hidden fees and fast funding, find out why more real estate pros use RLTY Capital to get their commissions sooner.


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